Environmental Policies

McGillTeak’s dedication to support Environment
In our continuing commitment to be an environmental friendly and responsible company, McGillTeak established a plan to reduce overall impact on the environment. We are committed towards reducing of the carbon foot print and the consumption of the raw materials along with preserving of the energy. We go an extra mile to contribute fully towards this effort, rather than just meeting the regulations.
Environment responsibility starts right from the base- the design on the papers. With our experience, in cutting the wood, to make a design, to make furniture parts, we work towards a design that would consume a right size of wood that will not only handle the design well but be as sturdy and practical to use as any other furniture item should on the long run. Our designs usually wind up having maximum practical yield. Our designs, are known for its practicality and sturdiness. 
After designing, we integrate the human experience with the machine precision to cut the wood which reduces the wood wastage to minimum. Even the smallest piece of the wood is not thrown, rather is used in making smaller products we offer.
Apart from that we join with the following non profit organizations to do our part, and that is, making sure to preserve the environment before any profit follows.

Certified by FSC

We appreciate the guidance we get from the world renowned non-profit environmental guideline organization, FSC. We produce all our products under the guidance of FSC. Doing so, all the resources are utilized to the best and unused products are recycled- which are environmental friendly.

Teak soured from Perum Perhutani
We purchase all our Teak timber directly from the Indonesian government wood management institution called Perum Perhutani. This organization has been in the forefront of conducting managed cultivation of teak trees since 1940s. 

Collaborated with Trees for the Future
In 2005, we joined hands with non profit organization Trees for the future, where we dedicated ourselves, that every time any teak furniture item is sold we will contribute 60 times the amount of  wood we used to craft that piece of furniture.