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McGill Patio - Mountain View, Ca

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McGill® teak & Patio, is a bay area, California based teak and wicker furniture manufacturing and retail company. Producing commecial grade teak, wicker, steel furniture since 1999.

We sell Teak Patio furniture to commercial and end consumers. Our products are distributed in all North American states including our beautiful Hawaii island. We are dedicated to produce one of a kind furniture style which is not only sensuous and functional, but also extremely stylish. We offer quality at affordable prices. We appreciate your deep knowledge of teak furniture and would love to provide you with more information to choose the best quality teak wood furniture.

McGill teak furniture is manufactured without causing damage to the green environment–we call it green teak as we favor green planet and we follow the motto of sustainable forests.  Our teak furniture is made from Indonesian plantation teakwood that has been authorized by the Indonesian government. These highly sustainable forests of teak wood are the market of Indonesian export business and they work hard to promote and manage their island with rules and regulations. We honor their cause and provide the teak wood that comes only from the plantation forests.

We strive to blend comfort, quality and style, and believe that good design and tireless attention to detail are essential considerations. Our carpenters are dedicated to the art of hand making beautiful pieces of furniture using modern wood working tools, along with machines and traditional carpentry techniques. Our designers research and strive for comfort and style and we have come up with best heights and widths in both chairs and tables. Furniture adds life to homes but if it is just for show then it is meaningless. We believe in usable, practical and perfect for daily use furniture which brings comfort with joy of having good, hassle free, sturdy furniture.

Having a deep commitment to the environment, we joined hands with a non profit organization “Trees for the Future.  Every time a product is sold, we support this non-profit organization in its mission to plant trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future.


McGill Teak takes credit cards, and payments through checks payable to Glide & Kline Inc. by any personal buyer for residential purposes also. The large companies are requested to process their checks or money orders through their company only. No credit cards are accepted for large orders. Please make checks payable to Glide & Kline Inc. And for further information please call our numbers or write to us.

McGill Teak & Wicker products can be seen at display at the following locations.

McGill Patio – Mountain View, CA
2560 Wyandotte st
Mountain View, Ca 94043
Tel. (408) 964 8888

Updated Store hours on YELP PAGE – McGILL TEAK