Teak Protector – Teak furniture sealer


McGill teak protector is water base solution that is safe to apply and keeps the furniture look new. Apply with soft rag on dry and clean wood. Teak protector will stick on top of the wood surface and do not penetrate inside. It is not a stain and need reapplication over time if you so desire.  Apply only when it is dry. Apply as needed.

Product : Teak Protector
Product Code: TEKCP03-3
Includes : One Quart of Teak Protector
Availability : Instock and Ready to ship!
Material : Water based Chemical Abrasive; Liquid in form



Teak Protector – Teak furniture sealer

  • Easy to apply outdoor finish.
  • Help maintain the golden hue color of the teak.
  • Protects the teak from sun’s UV rays.
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
  • To be used in once in a year, depending upon the exposure the teak furniture is to the elements.
  • This is NOT a teak Oil.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • Designed specifically for teak.
  • Use cleaner first then protector.
  • The teakwood strength is not affected by any teak protector, it change the looks,  and to some extent avoid food coloring to penetrate the wood.
  • Having teak protector applied or not is just personal preference.
  • Furniture exposed to direct strong sun and rain will need more often application than covered furniture.
  • Make sure before applying your teakwood furniture is free from any kind of dust, soil, water and oil or grease.


One Quart of Teak Cleaner

Lint free cloth included in the pack.

Q & A

Why do we need the Teak Protector?

Teak Protector is a way of treatment for the teak to protect the teak from retaining its natural warm color- golden hue. Teak protector is easy to apply and lasts long time. Once you apply teak protector the teak won’t turn black or gray and will lasts the entire season. Additionally it protects the teak furniture from the UV rays of the sun. The teak furniture will look as new year long. 

How often do we need to apply teak protector?

Teak protector generally lasts for the entire season and it depends also on the exposure of your furniture to sun, humidity, rain, the age of teak, and other natural climatic factors that are beyond control. Our teak protector is non-greasy, water based which penetrates into the teak in less than an hour or so and you don’t have to worry of getting your clothes or cushions to get any stains from it. Once applied let the furniture dry for an hour or so depending on the conditions of weather, how fast it dries the furniture. As said it is water based and it will dry quickly so you can use in few hours.

What are the effects of teak protector on environment- flora and fauna?

It may affect your garden grass and plants, so it is highly recommended if you do by yourself have the disposable piece of sheet placed underneath your furniture that needs to be treated and make sure to dispose off like any other hazardous material should be.

Does the color of furniture change after applying teak protector?

No, the teak furniture remains the same color as this teak protector is not a sealer and not oil based, that can change the color of teak wood furniture. It is ususally the teak sealers and teak oil that changes the color to more darker like in brown or in reddish orage tint. Our teak protector reinforces the golden/honey color and gives a beautiful end- result that lasts a year long.

How do we apply teak protector and how much is recommended?

To apply teak protector, we recommend that not only the teak furniture be cleaned from dust and fibre, but also the cloth used should not have fibre releasing component. The cloth should be dust free and should be used once only and then disposed off. We do not recommend using of sponge or spray to apply the teak protector as that is overusing the Protector resulting in damaging the teak wood, like slight cracking and/ or blistering. Applying a small amount and applying evenly all over the teak furniture.


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