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Teak Outdoor Patio Coffee Table – Bali

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Bring a warm look and comfortable seating solution to your Patio with Teak Outdoor Patio coffee table. The Patio Coffee table is an elegant and versatile in use. Please make selection of desired quantity of this table on this page.

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Assembly: Bali Teak Coffee Table needs little assembly.
Shipping: Free shipping to 48 US lower states.
Materials: 100% Indonesian Perhutani Premium Grade A Plantation Teak.
Dimension: 47-24-17inch (L-W-H)
Net Weight: 38lbs
Construction type: Tenon and Mortise Joinery.
Trees replanted: 1 (Trees for future generations)
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Q & A

Guide to – How to pick the right Outdoor Coffee table for your Patio

It is comforting and relaxing to sit on the deep seating chair or sofa set on a summer day on your patio with a cup of coffee in hand and newspaper aside. A comfortable chair sets complements a sturdy well built teak outdoor coffee table and completes the need for an Outdoor seating or backyard teak furniture setup.
When you are looking for Outdoor Conversation furniture, be certain to add in your list of considerations, a well built grade A teak coffee table which would match a side table and nice outdoor lounge chairs.
Teak Patio coffee tables comes in different shapes and sizes, and picking one entirely depends upon your taste and the look you want to give to your outdoor Patio.
Rectangular teak coffee tables go well with, if you have two lounge chairs on one side and a large sofa on the other. This is effective shape to have so that everyone on those chairs and sofa can reach the table.
Do not underestimate the importance of size of the rectangular coffee table. Usually lounge chairs and sofas are heavy built and are larger in size, so your rectangular coffee tables should complement furniture around it.  We suggest to take in the table that the designer has recommended with the chairs and sofa as it will reflect the same theme of the furniture pieces.
Round teak coffee tables are very popular too; they fit well if you want to have just deep seating chairs on your outdoor veranda. Round coffee tables are very flexible as you can add four or five or even more chairs around it. On the other side Square coffee tables look attractive with just four chairs and also it gives more contemporary design looks to your outdoors.

Teak wood – Information you should know before you buy any teak furniture

Rich in teak oils and substantially hard wood, a good grade teak wood can last in any weather conditions more than decades. Sourced from Burma and Indonesia, teak tree takes more than sixty years to mature. Slow growth makes teak, the best timber for crafting marine products and outdoor furniture. Good teak wood has enough teak oil so applying more teak oil will not strengthen the wood but will only change it cosmetically. We do not recommend oiling, but to keep the new looks, We suggest sealing your teak wood with good UV protecting sealant. This will help keep the new golden looks of teak wood for long time.

The most important factor is the grade of the teak wood used to make garden furniture and it should always be Grade A.


Dignified and decorous Bali Teak Outdoor Patio Coffee table measures 47*24*17inch and brings rich, Natural Finish Grade A teak wood to your Patio deep seating set. Crafted using Premium grade A teak wood and built using Tenon and Mortise joinery.


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