Commercial Projects undertaken

Recent Commercial Teak Outdoor Furniture Projects.

McGillTeak undertakes commercial projects directly or through landscape designers. We work closely with designers to make their project successful. Designers have choice to pick one of our stock designs or work with our design group to make their own choice of designer furniture.

McGillTeak offers high quality outdoor furniture at deep discounts for commercial customers such as landscape designers, municipalities; Corporations head quarters, Hospitals, Public Parks, Golf Courses, hotels or for private customers who get their landscape designed through commercial designers. Interested parties please contact our office at (408) 964 8888 or write at

Here are few recently completed projects–

University of Michigan — UM Golf Course, Ann Arbor, MI

Santana Row – San Jose, Ca

Bell Vine Cellers, Napa, CA

University of Texas at San Antonio, Tx

SunMicrosystem Corp. Head Quarter, San Jose, Ca

Waldheim Park, Allentown, PA

Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA

City hall of Medford, OR

Lincaster Vineyards, Napa, CA

City Library of Rochester, NY

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

Santana Row, Santa Clara, CA

Manresa Resturant, Los Gatos, CA

Costa Cruises, Miami, FL

George Holten Fishing Company, Venice, LA

Tulane University Science Center, New Orleans