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Teak Care


How to keep Teak Patio furniture look new?
It's entirely one's personal taste-some like it all the time new-the golden hue; some like weathered and some like teak that is treated with stain. Over the years we have spoken to lots of our customers who want to give very personal touch to their back yard or patio. So one rule fits all does not work in this case. In case of people who like to keep the teak all natural but in same original color they buy lets look at few things you would like to consider. First, remember that applying any product will not enhance the strength of your teak Patio furniture but will just change it cosmetically, which could be a good reason to keep reading; after all we all want a warm feeling and relaxing atmosphere with friends and family.

There is a good news for those who like a silvery grey color of their Teak furniture, and that’s DO NOTHING., nature will take care it.
For those who want to keep the looks of new honey due color of their teak outdoor furniture, We have two solutions for them, either apply Teak oil or Teak Protector. We carry range of Teak Furniture Care Products.

Application of Teak Oil needs more maintainence (about twice a year depending upon the area), and teak protector need application about once a year. 90% of our customers like the warm feeling of teak Patio furniture with Teak oil rather than Teak Protector, but again its a very hard earned choice.
Please see how to apply Teak Oil, or Teak Protector to your Outdoor Teak furniture on this page.
We provide McGill Teak protector. This is a water-based treatment which is easy to apply and up to four times more effective than teak oil. McGill Teak protector application will not enhance your furniture’s durability or resistance to the elements.

What is weathered Teak furniture.
When left outdoor UV rays from the sun, and rain Weathers teak furniture to change to beautiful silver gray if left untreated state.  As it ages, your teak furniture will lose the smooth texture that comes from the combination of fine sanding and natural oils.  As these natural oils are depleted from exposure to ultraviolet light, the surface will become more porous and thus feel rougher to the touch.  Aside from occasionally cleaning your teak to remove dirt, there is really no maintenance that is required to prolong the life of your teak furniture. 

How to Clean Weathers teak furniture:
One of the endearing qualities of teak is its amazing resistance to the weather. Teak can be left outside untouched and untreated for many years and over time the original color will weather and soften to a silver-grey. If you wish to remove the silver-grey appearance and natural day-to-day grime, use McGillTeak Teak Cleaner. This is well balanced formulated product cut the work load and easily returns the wood to its original honey due patina. Follow these treatments by thorough drying and a gentle sanding, with a fine sandpaper to smooth. Remember use sand paper with grit of 300 or higher. The sanding also brings back the new color. Considering the acidic nature of this product, wear proper protective gloves and eye glasses.
The other way to clean the weathered teak furniture is to sand it off. This process takes longer but can be cut down using electric vibrating sanders. You may use sandpaper of grit 200 to start and once clean use 300grit sand paper to bring smooth finish.

How to apply teak oil on furniture:

The first question that comes from our customers is usually," Is it necessary to oil teakwood furniture?" To start with, please note that Teak Oil is NOT required to protect McGill Teak furniture. We use high quality Grade A teak wood and oiling will not in anyway alter the strength of the furniture. Teak Oiling will give the warm tones of the wood, which we all agree, looks beautiful! and also keep the furniture from weathering to a soft gray color. The weathering process affects only the top most layer of your teakwood furniture. The strength of your furniture is never compromised by its weathering.  
Now, maintaining this looks need re-application of teak oil twice a year depending upon where you place your furniture. If your furniture stays in the sun or rain for longer time, you may require more frequent oiling compared to if furniture stays in shade you may need only once a year.
Again please remember, McGill teak furniture does not require oiling.  It's completely optional. For a lower maintenance finish, consider using a high quality teak oil with added sealer. 

If you do wish to oil, please use the following as guidelines:

1.    Always get best quality teak oil without any kind of stain included in it. We carry range of Teak care products including Teak Oil specially imported from Indonesia which is clear and organic in nature as it is extracted from the Trek trees cultivated in forests.
Note: Use only genuine Teak oil and NOT teak finish or linseed or tung oils with solvent added in it - Want more information Call (408) 964 8888

2.    Clean your Teak furniture thoroughly, if you see any blemishes sand it off using high grit sand paper; we suggest at least 300 grit. Also see How clean weathered teak furniture. Also How to clean Teak Outdoor furniture.

3.    Blow off the fine wood dust completely, and then wipe it to make sure there is no dust at all.  Also make sure your furniture is completely dry, recommended to keep in sun for at least 48 hours.

4.    We recommend move your furniture to place where there is no dust particles as when you apply teak oil, the dust will stick as the surface is sticky.

5.    The oil can be applied with a clean brush, or clean lint free rag. Start from the top and move downwards. The surface should be left wet, and avoid too much oil left behind. After a few minutes - 10 - 20 depending on the ambient temperature, the oil will start to become 'sticky'. At this point the surface of the furniture should be wiped down with a clean cotton lint-free rag, carefully removing all surplus oil.
Note 1: If your furniture is not brand new and has been weathered, clean it thoroughly. Also see How clean weathered teak furniture.
(As we always recommend purchasing Teak Patio furniture without any oil or stain pre-applied, here we assume you had the furniture with natural finish.)  We recommend sand the entire furniture using sandpaper of grit 300 or higher.
Note 2. If your furniture stays indoor, use very light coat of teak oil and this coat will last for years. Remember teak will remain darker with time if kept indoors.

Regular cleaning of teak Patio furniture:

For regular cleaning, use a soft bristle brush and mild soapy water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. There are also commercial cleaners available but you don’t need them. Simple is better. Solution of mild soapy water with some bleach works the best. Do not use harsh brushes, or pressure washers, remember teak wood itself is not the hardest wood it’s the oils and its hardness that makes it the best wood available for outdoor use. For stubborn stains or to restore the natural color of teak, use very fine sandpaper as always I recommend grit 250 or higher, Sand in the direction of the grain. You can either re-oil the furniture or leave the finish natural where it will acquire the silver gray patina from the sun. Some stains will fade with exposure to sunlight. If you do not want to deal with Sanding use Teak Cleaner, it is mild acidic solution which will remove all the dirt and weathered teak from the top of your Teak Furniture.


Homemade Cleaning Solutions – Very Easy to start with your teak in two steps:

Mix 1 cup each of chlorine bleach and laundry detergent with 1 gallon of warm water Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water

To begin, clear a space to clean your furniture. For most outdoor furniture this shouldn't be a problem to have a well-ventilated space, but  for sun room we recommend you bring out the furniture and return back only once all is cleaned and dried.

Apply your cleaning mixture to the teak item using a soft plastic brush and scrub into the wood as you apply. Allow the mixture to sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. This cleaning method may not work for teak furniture that has been left outside to the elements for a long period of time. You may find that a more aggressive store bought solution is needed



Teak Protectors or Sealers in the Market shelves

McGill Teak Protector and cleaners.


 Semco Teak Cleaner two parts. Watch the video! For beautiful results everytime just follow the instructions.


And once you have cleaned the furniture go ahead and apply the sealer to protect the teak from weathering. Watch the video!

Beautifully crafted from the World's finest timber, our Teak Garden furniture is exceptionally resilient and stands up well against the natural elements all year around. McGill Teak is committed to the Environment. We use only premium, Grade "A", forest cultivated, Teak wood from Indonesia. Be the first to own and enjoy this amazing furniture.

Experience the beauty and comfort of McGill Teak Furniture.
McGill Teak : A Timeless Beauty, Superior Quality, Eco Friendly and Affordable!

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