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Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instruction of Teak Outdoor Patio Furniture

The indoor or outdoor teak furniture you have ordered may be shipped "flat pack un-assembled". Some assembly is required. Assembly instructions are included in every package. We highly recommend using glue as it will make the joints as strong as the other joints and increases the life expectancy of the furniture. If the glue is not included,  even if it is included  (Older glue tend to losse its strenght with time.) try to use fresh purchased Gorilla glue available at your local hardware store.
Please test assemble your teak furniture product before using glue and starting the final assembly process. You may use ordinary nails in the dowel holes to hold the product together (do not bang in the nails, just insert them into the dowel holes). The step of test assembly will allow you to make sure of the following:
a) You know how the parts fit together.
b) You can see the product in its assembled form before permanent assembly.
c) You can check whether the teak product fits your preferences.

General Steps for Assembly of your Outdoor Teak Chair/Bench.

1) Inspect package and Drawings to recognize all components. Note little characters/numbers on ends or faces of components. You will need to match these characters/numbers on two sides of the joint. These characters/numbers should be placed very next to each other.
2) Lay out the parts so that the numbered pieces match.  Please see image at the bottom of the page
3) Tenons – The extended wood piece that is inserted in the mortise to complete the joint.
4) Mortise – The hole part of the joint.
5) Start assembly by laying one side of the chair/Bench on the firm but padded ground, best would be using out of use blanket on firm floor.
6) Once all the pieces are in place, insert a small screwdriver or pin into all the dowel holes to ensure holes of tenon and mortise are aligned.
7) Blow off any dust from the mortise and add 5 to 6 drops of Gorilla glue to it. Do not add more glue, as this glue tend to expand  upon drying and will come out of the joint, (nothing to worry about but just another mess to sand off).
8) Insert dowel with flat side of dowel facing outside, this will insure clean assembly. Lightly tap dowels in with a hammer or mallet. You will feel them seat. Dowel may not go in all the way in. There may be about 1/4 inch of dowel left over. You may cut off the excess with a chisel or a kitchen knife. Do not smash the dowel any further after it seats. Best would be listen the noise, you will feel when the dowel has gone all the way in and can not be inserted any more.
9) Wipe off any glue if it comes out of the joint.
10) Let the chair sit over night.
11) Sand off any glue or extra dowel. Please use sand paper of Grit of 250 or more.

Teak outdoor furniture stickers next to the joints

Beautifully crafted from the World's finest timber, our Teak Garden furniture is exceptionally resilient and stands up well against the natural elements all year around. McGill Teak is committed to the Environment. We use only premium, Grade "A", forest cultivated, Teak wood from Indonesia. Be the first to own and enjoy this amazing furniture.

Experience the beauty and comfort of McGill Teak Furniture.
McGill Teak : A Timeless Beauty, Superior Quality, Eco Friendly and Affordable!

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